Google’s Title and Meta Descriptions Length (Updated 2022)

A lot of how Google decides what search result snippet to show is based on the searchers’ query and the content on your page. According to Google’s blog, there’s no limit on how long a meta description can be, but the search result snippets are always truncated as needed, typically to fit the device width.

Google’s Good Headline or Title Tag in 2022

We recommend keeping your headline at under or approximately 60 characters to fit Google results that have a 600-pixel word limit and avoid truncation. Additionally, here are some other SEO best practices

  1. Always describe the page’s content accurately. Choose a title that reads naturally and effectively communicates the topic of the page’s content.
  2. Create unique titles for each page. This helps Google know how the page is distinct from the others on your site.
  3. Use brief, but descriptive titles. Titles should be both short and informative. If it is too long or less relevant, Google may only show a portion of it or one that’s automatically generated in the Google search result.
  4. The most crucial step is to make sure you carry out keyword research to ensure you use high-value keywords in your title tag

Google’s Good Meta Description Length in 2022

Meanwhile, your meta description length should be kept descriptive and between 150 and 160 characters for optimal length, and this includes spaces. Additionally, you also want to make sure to: 

  1. Accurately summarize the page content. While there’s no minimal or maximal meta title length for the text in the description, Google recommends making sure that it’s long enough to be fully shown in Google results (note that users may see different sized snippets depending on how and where they search).
  2. Use unique descriptions for each page. Having a different description of meta tags for each page helps both users and Google, especially in searches where users may bring up multiple pages on your domain.
  3. Include your primary keyword and related keywords naturally

Space of Google Search Results. 

To compare it with before Google made the changes, the latest search result is now 600 pixels wide, which is about 100 pixels wider.

Changes in title and meta description length on the SERP

This is not the only change that we’ve noticed. Let’s look into more details on the other prominent changes.